Friday, August 22, 2008

Life of Trevor, very simple.

Apartment number four of the Pink Apartments. Super heroes. Drawings by Annette Bresee.

Sydney and I, she's so cute.
My super power as Arthritis boy is to touch you and you get arthritis. then I hit you with a shovel. Gruesome.
Annette and I watching lightning on the fourth of July. then later there were fireworks.

"She's a Man Eater." A little drawing I did while working at the hospital sitting with crazies. Drawing by Trevor Sexton


Jake said...

I read this post and still don't have any idea what is going on in your life.

shirley elizabeth said...

Trevor, I don't even know if you're alive anymore.

And that's a pretty scrawny arm that Annette the man eater took.

Jake said...

Trev this blog is so obsolete. This girl was like 5 girlfriends ago. C'mon!

Jake said...

Trevor this is my favorite blog in the world! Are you still alive?